1 day festival
€ 495,--

2 day festival
€ 925,--

Corporate events
€ 95,-- per hour

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

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Conditions of sale

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in this offer, the delivery terms and conditions of the DuPho Jan 2015 General Terms and Conditions apply to the offer. A copy of these General Terms and Conditions will be sent on request. By approving the quotation, the client confirms that he / she is familiar with the delivery terms and conditions and agrees to their content


The copyright on all photography produced within the framework of this assignment is the property of Hank Kooijmans and grants the client the right to use the photography to be supplied exclusively for the use as stated in this offer. Hank Kooijmans reserves the right to use photography for self-promotion and also grants the client the right to use photography for self-promotion in the context of the assignment.

Portrait right

The client is responsible for ensuring that the festival/corporate events visitor is not entitled to portrait rights (AVG) with Hank Kooijmans. At the time of entering the festival grounds, the festivalgoer agrees that photographic material can be taken from him, which is used pro bono for advertising and other interests in the media.


In the event of cancellation of an assignment by the client at any time, for whatever reason, Hank Kooijmans is entitled to the agreed compensation.

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